Making new friends as an adult is hard. Thaw makes it easier.

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Thaw was created for friends, by friends. Here’s what Thaw isn’t: a dating app! There are tons of those already, and they do a great job. Here’s what Thaw is: the perfect app to help you meet people and make friends nearby, whether you’re a recent transplant, just graduated, or simply want to branch out and meet new people. Here’s how it works:

Add your interests

Thaw uses mutual interests to match you with people nearby. Find your next hiking mate, Netflix marathon partner, or dog-walking buddy.

Meet people nearby

See how close your potential matches are and what you have in common. Select “Meet” if you could see yourself being friends with someone and “Hide” if not.

A person nearbyInterest comparison between two people

Use your mutual interests as an icebreaker

It's a matchMessage thread

If you match with someone, send them a message and plan something fun to do!

Contact us

Questions? Feedback? Want to request a feature? We’re building this for you all, so we want to know what you think. We’re always happy to chat, so drop us a line at